Sharing Windows 7 between Boot Camp and VirtualBox

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I always used to have Windows installed through Boot Camp on my MacBook Pro. The reason for it being simple: I need it for some games ­čśë
On the other hand, I use OS X for my primary work, but again, sometimes there’s no way around Windows. So I had the same Windows installed again within VirtualBox.

Well, what a waste of valuable disk space. So, after I got my new MacBook Pro, equipped with an SSD, I decided to go for it and share the Boot Camp partition between Windows 7 running natively and VirtualBox.
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“DLL HELL” oder “Als GreenCube mit COMDLG32.OCX nicht zusammenspielte”

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Ganz den ├╝blichen Gepflogenheiten dieses Blogs zum Trotz wird dieser Beitrag ausnahmsweise in Deutsch abgefasst, dies aus der ├ťberlegung heraus, dass hier ein “lokales” Interesse ├╝berwiegen d├╝rfte.

Im Rahmen eines Freundschaftsdienstes habe ich CEYA Beaty & Wellnes SPA bei der Installation der greenCube Business Software in einer Client-Server-Umgebung unterst├╝tzt.

Eigentlich w├╝rde ich auch mal eine kurze Anleitung f├╝r die Client-Server-Installation verfassen, da die offizielle Anleitung in meinen Augen doch etwas d├╝rftig ausgefallen ist. Aber da “man” wohl auch seine Support-Dienstleistungen an den Mann bringen m├Âchte, w├Ąre das wohl ein wenig zu sehr im fremden Revier gewildert, oder? ­čśë

Hier geht’s nun allerdings erstmal um einen recht spezifischen Fehler, der bei der Client-Installation unter Windows Vista aufgetreten ist.
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Binding SSL in IIS causes "A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated" error

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There’s maybe a zillion computer issues out there which are so damn weird that most people scratch their head in misbelief.
One of these weirdnesses just crossed my way a few days ago.

It all started with a very simple task: One of my engineers had to renew an SSL certificate for an IIS-hosted website.
After receiving the renewed SSL certificate and importing it into the certificate store, he tried to bind the SSL port on the IIS website with the new certificate.

What a bummer when he discovered, that this would always result in the following error, no matter what and how often he tried:
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Killing a Windows Terminal Session from remote

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Darn it!
Imagine what happens when a Windows box, which is configured for remote administrative terminal mode only, is left with two zombie terminal sessions.
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No "sleep" command for batch files? Make it a choice!

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I just trapped myself while hacking up a batch file.
Used to shell scripting I wanted to add a delay to the batch using “sleep”.

Dough! Bad Idea! Bad command or filename. Smash your head here to continue {(x)}!
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"Error 1913" while installing Office 2003 on Vista

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I would have supposed that installing Office 2003 on Windows Vista would simply work.
My assumption was so terribly wrong. Not soon after starting Setup it throws this error message at me:

Error 1913: Setup cannot update file
Verify that the file exists in your system and that you have
sufficient permissions to update it.

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Interoperability Problems: Samba, Windows, Rsync and Unicode

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A late night experience, thank good I got it fixed right away…
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Another Positive Experience With Windows Server 2003

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While I’m usually living on the Unix side of live, I sometimes happen to find myself again in the Windows world.

Some may say this is blasphemy, a decent unix admin would never bother in doing Windows, deny the open source idea, be such a scumbag, blablablabla…

But let me tell you one thing: Windows is not that bad after all. Honestly.
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