Validate your self-created SNMP MIB

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So, if you ever need to create your own SNMP MIB and are not relying on any given tools (i.e. you’re so crazy to write it on your own in a text editor), you may still want to validate it afterwards.

Here’s a nice web-based validator, that does the trick for you:

Notify me if IP is propagated in DNS

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So here’s my short snipped of a bash shell loop I hacked up.
It’s only purpose is to check in DNS repeatedly if a certain IP address is propagated for a given fully qualified domain name.

If the script sees the IP address, it would “ring the bell” and exit, otherwise it sleeps for a while and repeats the check.

This way I could leave it running in the console and – whenever the IP appeared in DNS – I’d get an audible alert.
No big trick after all 😉

Here’s the code:

$ while [ : ] ; do echo scanning ... ; dig @DNSSERVER FQDN | grep IPADDR && { echo -e "\a"; break; } || sleep 5;   done

And here’s what it looks like in action:

scanning ...
scanning ...
scanning ...
scanning ...
scanning ...
scanning ...
my-cool-fqdn.some.domain.tld. 3600 IN	A
[you would hear a "bing" tone at this point as well]

Searching LDAP via CLI

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Just a reminder to myself on how to search an LDAP directory via CLI.

The CN hierarchy is likely to be different with your environment.

ldapsearch -b dc=users,dc=acme,dc=net -w PASSWORD -D cn=BINDUSER,dc=users,dc=acme,dc=net '(&(uid=SEARCHSTRING))'

‘ldapsearch’ is part of openldap.