Importing Rules and Objects into Check Point Firewall using DBEDIT

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While it’s the recommend way to do, managing your objects and rules solely through Check Point SmartDashboard may be cumbersome.
Bad enough, there exists no real CLI interface, that would allow for real scripting. Well, there exists DBEDIT, which allows for automated creation of objects and even rules … sort of.
However there’s barely official documentation about it, if not Martin Hoz had taken the time to write the very useful Object Filler utility, which you find over at the Check Point User Group.

And unless you don’t want to go into the Check Point OPSEC API, DBEDIT (by the help of Object Filler) is the way to go.
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Cheat sheet for Check Point Firewall

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For everyone who’s interested in Check Point Firewall, find some valuable cheat sheets over at Jens Roesen’s Website.

Great thing indeed, and yet very helpful if you need just a quick lookup instead of going through the full official documentation.
Here’s the direct links:

Check Point CLI Cheat Sheet
Check Point’s “fw monitor” Cheat Sheet

Thanks to Jens for assembling these.

Win32 GuiDbEdit for Check Point Firewall

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As seen in Check Point SupportCenter, there’s also a (win32) GUI Version of the DBEdit CLI tool, located at C:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\PROGRAM\GuiDbEdit.exe.

Great visual debugging aid if you’re doing automation stuff with CLI dbedit.

Configuring GUI Clients for CheckPoint Firewall on the CLI

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As seen over there at CheckPoint SupportCenter

Use ‘cpconfig’ on the CLI (may need ‘expert’ mode)