Another Way To Disable Debugging in VMware Server Beta

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**** Article Obsoleted ****

This article has been obsoleted by the final release of VMware Server 1.0.
It is left here as a reference only.

**** Article Obsoleted ****

Following up to my previous post on disabling debugging im VMware Server Beta I played around with altering the virtual machine vmx configuration files directly.

I had the idea while playing around with VMware Player, when I tried to change settings originally not forseen from within the interface…

Some editing of a vmx file of VMware Server proved that debugging could also be disabled on a per-VM basis, even if the hack of my previous howto was not applied.

Simply add these two lines to any vmx file (on linux you’ll usually find them at /var/lib/vmware/Virtual Machines):

debug = FALSE
logging = FALSE

I did not notice any difference if logging was either TRUE or FALSE, but as the Beta tends to log just about anything, it most definitely has an (small) impact in performance.

The debug flag is however worth it in any case. I’m sure this is the official way to disable debugging pretty much the samy way as the management console will do in the final release.

One Response to “Another Way To Disable Debugging in VMware Server Beta”

  1. Rik Says:

    Stumbled across this page via google, trying to squeeze a bit of speed of the VMWare Server beta on Linux running XP Pro.

    The lines above won`t parse from beta 23869 (downloaded 29 May 2006 – no idea if this is backwards/forwards compatible). The lines you need to add are

    debug = false
    logging = false

    – otherwise you`ll get a warning about parsing booleans and some such, but you`re right – it does perk up performance a bit, but not as much as you`d expect from the older (non-free, non-beta) versions of VMWare

    still, a nice find, so I salute you