De-Scrambler for obfuscated PHP code

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Thinking about security risks of obfuscated PHP code found in some freely available PHP scripts and WordPress themes, I wrote a quick’n’dirty De-Scrambler.
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Trap Errors, Exit Codes and Line Numbers within a Bash script (and some output redirection, too)

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A discussion today was about error handling in shell scripts, Bash in particular.
Well, we all know about the usual knitpicks about error handling and the possible consequences in not doing so properly 😉
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No "sleep" command for batch files? Make it a choice!

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I just trapped myself while hacking up a batch file.
Used to shell scripting I wanted to add a delay to the batch using “sleep”.

Dough! Bad Idea! Bad command or filename. Smash your head here to continue {(x)}!
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