The Shutdown of Phunsites’ Lab

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So, this is the end, after all what we went through?

Today I took the time to shutdown the Phunsites’ Lab. During all these years, it served a good purpose. Most of my ideas and PoCs were initially developped on these machines, before they evolved in some detailed design specs.

I can’t count how often I re-installed these machines, compiled new kernels and complete userland. It was definitely a lot.

As you see from the pictures, there’s quiet a few machines, which made up my lab: 3 Sun Enterprise 450, 2 Sun Netra T1, 1 Sun SparcStation 20, 1 Sun Ultra 5, 1 Sun Ultra 2, a DEC Workstation and a Standard Intel-based Dual-CPU Machine.
Additionally there where a Cisco 2900-EN-XL switch, a serial console server, some external SCSI disk enclosures and zillions of spare material like CPU, Memory, Hard Drivers, and so on.

Originally, this equipment was joined by some SGI machines: 1 Indy, 1 Indigo and 2 O2 workstations. These have however been sold off last year already.

Now, finally, it seems to have come to an end. As with todays virtualization technology, there’s no real need all these machines to me anymore.

I will definitely keep some of the machines, the two Netra T1, as I have an idea already on how to put them to good use.
The others will be cleaned, repaired if needed, and then sold off on eBay.

So to concluded: Phunsites’ Lab WILL return. But it will be all different than it used to be.

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