Master Password for Areca ARC-1210 Controller

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In case you forget the password for an Areca ARC-1210 controller, the master password might be your friend 😉
I’m not sure if I’m actually allowed to publish this here. However, I did never sign a NDA to get it, so I think it’s ok 😉

Here it is (numbers are underlined for better readability):


According to one commentor, it might be needed to lower-case the letters:


Also, it might be necessary to _not_ type the numbers on the numeric keyboard but on the regurlar number keys.

14 Responses to “Master Password for Areca ARC-1210 Controller”

  1. Kevin Says:

    just a notice, that master password works only in McBIOS console.

  2. 3247 Says:

    The password also works with an ARC-1160. Thanks.

  3. Bjorn Sverre Says:

    Also works with ARC-1120. Thanks.

  4. Dan Says:

    works on an ARC-1220 too… you’re a star!!

  5. SataN Says:

    This did not work for an Areca 1260, unfortunately 🙁

    Firmware Version : V1.40 2006-4-21
    BOOT ROM Version : V1.40 2006-4-21
    Serial Number : Y626CAANAR600564
    Controller Name : ARC-1260

  6. Cuen Says:

    Works fine on ARC-1160, thx.
    Got the “Waiting for Raidcontroller…” loop and this PW finally has let me solved it via “Activate deprecated on Boot.”

    Doublekiss ^^

  7. Sergey Kraev Says:

    Works with ARC-1120.

  8. Bill Says:

    Excellent! Worked perfectly on an ARC-1260 just now.

  9. nathangrimwood Says:

    You rock man! Saved my ass.

  10. dexter Says:

    the password in my case worked only if typed in lowercase and used the numbers on the keyboard ( as in, NOT those from the numpad ! )

  11. LarryC Says:

    Thanks for this post – worked perfectly on our ARC-1210

  12. flasher Says:

    Password also works on ARC 1222.
    You’re brilliant 😉

  13. Brad Says:

    Worked an Areca 1280. Had to use capital MNO. Thank you SO MUCH for posting this!!!

  14. Evgen Says:

    Thanx! 1222 also works