Courier IMAP Login Exec (cile)

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Courier IMAP Login Exec (abbreviated ‘cile’) is a small patch against the popular Courier IMAP server.

It basically adds a ‘execute script on login’ feature to both pop3d and imapd.

The idea behind this is to allow automatic server side tasks to be run upon user login, eg. to check (and fix) the Maildir structure, create usage reports, expunge old mail, etc.

I have therefore created a patch which adds this functionality to Courier IMAP, which you may download and use free of charge. The patch is licensed unter the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2.

There are two releases available:

cile-generic 0.1

Take the ‘cile-generic’ package if you plan to apply this patch against the original source tarball.

cile-ports 0.1

Take the ‘cile-ports’ if you plan to apply this patch against the FreeBSD ports tree.

Both releases contain the same patches, they only differ in packageing and the way they are applied.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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